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What We Do You have found your way to the Official Website of The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers.

You are most likely here because you cherish the individual and political freedoms you enjoy in New Hampshire and would like to preserve them. The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers is dedicated to this cause. With an effective statewide effort we can control and even reduce the size of government at all levels, put a stop to judicial activism, provide students and parents with a choice of educational opportunities, expand our job market, and protect our ever shrinking property rights.

We are a 100% New Hampshire-only grassroots taxpayer advocacy group that strives to keep taxes low, government small and honest, protect individual rights and freedoms, and preserve the "New Hampshire Advantage". We strongly believe that good government that serves the people should be limited and fiscally prudent.

Read what some of our taxpayers says about CNHT's work:

Some of our most active members are teachers, health industry workers, former town and state officials, IT people, business people, and even a former member of General Patton's army. We have exposed many cases of faulty assessing, backroom deals, and a whole lot of vote fraud. We've uncovered the misuse or abuse of millions of dollars of public money in HHS, and in programs such as WIA. We have seen the abuse of the public trust in the educational system. Together we hope to use our experiences to help you fight against corruption.

The talented and varied individuals who provide CNHT's services to the taxpayers of NH do their work on a volunteer basis. As you can imagine, even though we run our organization on a shoestring, assisting taxpayers all over the state, sending out newsletters, running a radio show, helping local advocacy groups to start up, and maintaining an office, require some funds. These activities can only be supported by your generous individual donations.

Your individual contributions are what fuel the 'grassroots' effort against the intrusion and expansion of all levels of government.

Every little bit helps. Please consider making a donation NOW to keep CNHT working for you, the citizens of NH. You can use your credit card with our automated system.


Alternatively, you can download and print a membership form which is on the file Trifold Front below to fill out and send with a check directly to our mailing address...

Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers
8 North Main Street
Concord, N.H. 03301
Phone: 603.471.0138
Leave message for the Secretary (private) from 9AM-5PM only

Trifold Front To Download - Trifold Back To Download

We meet ONCE monthly in Concord, New Hampshire at our headquarters at 8 North Main Street, opposite the statehouse. Meetings begin at 9 AM on the Second Saturday of the month. All interested parties are welcome. Bring all documents pertinent to your issue, such as meeting minutes, flyers, or correspondence, or you can send to us by Email ahead of time. Videos are also exceptionally good evidence.

Any questions or service assistance should be directed to the Webmaster and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate board member for a reply.

Members of our staff and Board of Directors are available to assist and address your community group. Please email your request to the Webmaster noting the area of interest.

Check out our Taxing Times Blog section for insider news and information the issues we are currently addressing in the various towns in NH. You can subscribe to the News Feed or place the feed link on your own site.

Our Events page will show you where we are going to be next, but you can also join other taxpayer activist activities by visiting the NH Liberty Calendar. This is a statewide NH community calendar that many people use to see what others are doing, and where you can have your own event posted.

If you have a question, email the webmaster at cnht dot org for the fastest answer.

CNHT On The Map

Take Route 93 North to the Loudon Road, State Offices Exit (14). At the end of the exit, take a left. Proceed through 3 quick lights and take another left onto North Main Street. Pass the Statehouse and we are on the left just before the Pleasant Street intersection.

Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers is a Non-Partisan, Non-Profit Corporation that is funded by small donors from all over the State of New Hampshire only. We are non-partisan and not a political PAC. We do not take funds from candidates. We do not fund or endorse candidates, although we do at times, point out those who support policies that are friendly to taxpayers. Our only influences are the rule of law, and you, the taxpayer.

CNHT is a member "in good standing" registered with the Secretary of State of New Hampshire.

Speakers Bureau

These members have volunteered their expertise and research to speak at events or appear on radio programs.

  • Ed Naile, Chair - Voter Fraud, Assessments and many other subjects
  • Dan McGuire, NH State Representative - State budget, Spending, Legislation for 2011-2012
  • Jane Aitken, Teacher - Education, IBO
  • Lydia Harmon - Home Schooling
  • Lou Vita, NH State Representative - Agenda 21, ICLEI, A Granite State Future
  • Diane Gilbert of NHCCS - The Constitutions, Federalism, the Founding of America


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